UniKey’s Digital Signature

Starting from version 4.3 onward, all UniKey releases will be digitally signed with my certificate, which can be verified by Windows.

Having a digitally signed UniKey guarantees:

  • Your UniKey progam comes from Pham Kim Long and has not been altered.
  • You won’t be warned by Windows Defender SmartScreen about using an unknown and potetially harmful program

Windows Defender’s SmartScreen

When running UniKey (that has just been released and signed recently) for the first time, you may see a warning in the SmartScreen of Windows Defender as below:


Click “More Info” to check the signature of UniKey as below:


If you see this text Publisher: PHAM KIM LONG, you can be sure you are using a “clean” UniKey program.

If you see Publisher: Unknown publisher as shown below, DON’T use it.



For each digitally signed UniKey release, after some period of time when the number of users reach a certain level (defined by Windows Defender), that release will achieve a “good” reputation. From then on, users won’t be warned about “unrecognized app” by Windows Defender anymore. So, if you run UniKey for the first time and don’t see the SmartScreen, you can be sure the program is safe and has not been altered by anyone.

How to check UniKey’s digital signature?

If in doubt, you can check the digital signature and certificate of UniKey program as follows:

  • Open Windows Explorer, locate the file UniKeyNT.exe
  • Right click on UniKeyNT.exe, select Properties from the context menu, and then select the Digital Signatures tab.


  • Click Details:


  • Click View Certificate button: