UniKey Source Code

All source code in this page is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. By downloading UniKey source code, you agree with all the terms of this license.

UniKey Vietnamese Input Method

  • In 2001, I released the source code of the core engine UniKey Vietnamese Input Method together with the x-unikey linux package. Since then, the UniKey engine has been integrated to different keyboard input programs in various platforms: Linux, macOS and iOS, FreeBSD. The core engine is still pretty much unchanged in the latest version of UniKey for Windows. You can get the engine source code in the original x-unikey linux package.

    x-unikey source code

  • For educational purposes, I have also released the full UniKey 3.6 (for Windows) source code. Please note that, UniKey 3.6 was built with an old version of the UniKey Input Engine. You cand find the latest engine source code in the x-unikey package above.

    UniKey 3.62 050711 - source code


UVConverter is a universal command-line Vietnamese encoding converter that supports 13 different charsets/encodings (Unicode, UTF8, TCVN3, VNI…). UVConverter can be built in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.