UniKey Support

Project UniKey

Information regarding the development of UniKey such as feature discussions, bug tracking, program releases are hosted by sourceforge.net at this address: UniKey Project

If you have found a bug in UniKey, please report it here.

Important Notices

  1. UniKey’s digital signature

    In order to guarantee the UniKey programs you downloaded has not been altered, starting from version 4.3 onward, all UniKey releases will be digitally signed with my certificate. This signature can be verified by Windows. You can follow this guide to verify UniKey digital signature

    Please do not use any UniKey program that has not been digitally signed and verified by Windows. Those programs may have been injected harmful code by a third party.

  2. Auto-run UniKey as administrator

    You’ll need to use Windows Task Scheduler to auto-run UniKey with administrative privileges

  3. Settings Vietnamese mode for individual apps

    If you want to set Vietnamese mode individually for each applications, enable Per App On/Off Mode

UniKey Manual

UniKey Manual: This is an introductory guide on how to type Vietnamese with UniKey. Unfortunately, this document is quite out of date. I hope it is still enough for you to get started with UniKey anyway.

UniKey Frequently Asked Questions.

Vietnamese Fonts

In case you need non-Unicode fonts, you can download the following sets.

TCVN-ABC fonts (2.5 MB).

VNI fonts (300 KB).